Nightmare Poems 17; To What End?

I woke up pondering, “To What End?”
A thought I could not comprehend
With coffee at hand
My recliner, the porch and the canary singing band

Looking ten storeys down
I stared at the town
I saw them again
Some in chains
Others in pains
Many ignorant and blissful
With smiles and happily wishful

In pursuit or strut
Scruffy or clean cut

The circle was the same
All seem like a game
A mirage
Life odious collage
A chase and a miss
A toil, an increase and all to the abyss

Dearths and tears
Hope entangled in fears
The living existing
Life’s gains and losses drifting

One chasing the golden fleece
Or is it the golden geese
With fearsome pursuit to death
Until the last breath

Some casual and mindful
Resisting the pull of money brimful
Of power lustful

But I see a third
Lay back and unperturbed
No hurries, lazy and undisturbed
No desire for grandeur
Neither for honour
Uninterested in life
Just nothingness and strife

Then I asked again,
“To what end?”

The same fate to all
They all shall fall
All seem lost,
At what cost?
The great book is right
The ups and the downs despite
We brought nothing in, we take nothing out
And without any doubt
I asked Again,
“To What End?”

There must be something more
At Life’s very core
The Way back to Adonia
The Truth of El-Shaddai
The Life of Yeshua