Conquering Your Fear 1

The words “Fear” and “Phobia” are technically the same. I believe these two words need no introduction. I classify them as inherent and apparent.

Fear can be Inherent because of one’s traumatic experience, genetic make-up, environmental definition, parental inputs, peer-pressure, education, relationships, information, culture, and tradition, etc. These kinds of fear or phobias usual are not immediate but have long-lasting damaging effects on the general wellbeing of the person.

Fears like;
Fear of the past…Mnemophobia
Fear of the future…Chronophobia
Fear of spider…Arachnophobia
Fear of the night…Nyctophobia
Fear of flying(planes)…aviophobia
Fear of driving…Amaxophobia
Fear of water…Hydrophobia
Fear of crowded places…Agoraphobia

Then is the apparent fear. In this instance, your source or cause of fear is right before you. Tangible, visible, and naturally possessing the ability to do what you are afraid of. Imagine being chased by a lion or a bear, being shot at by a marksman, being at the epic center of an earthquake, or being challenged to a “Fight-To-Death” by a 9feet and above giant who is clothed with extraordinarily large size weaponry and who is known to have been a warrior from his youth vis-a-vis his opponent(you); a regular size human with no weapons at all and never fought a battle in your life. In cases like these, two things amongst many normally happen, you either run; it’s called “survival instinct” or you are transfixed, completely paralyzed.

2nd Corinthians 2:11 says “lest Satan should take advantage of us; for we are not ignorant of his devices.”

At this point, let me boldly say that whether inherent fear or apparent fear, ALL FORMS OF FEAR ARE FROM THE DEVIL, SATAN, THE EVIL ONE, DEMONS, etc. God is all about FAITH which is the opposite of fear.

So how do you handle and defeat your fears? One of the most outstanding stories of fear and faith is the popular David and Goliath encounter in 1st Samuel 17. You all know the story, so I will skip it and give you three thoughts in

Join us later for part 2 on Conquering your fears.

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