Hollywood and God(Movie Review) Greenland 2

Hollywood, through these apocalyptic movies, try to indoctrinate (and not entertain) people into believing they are the masters of their own life. That humanity alone determines what happens to them because he/she is his/her own God. We alone determine our future and make our destiny. We are Gods. We are the graven image, we bow and worship ourselves. We rely on ourselves alone, our science, our technologies, ideas, and philosophies to resolve issues and chart courses for our lives. God is irrelevant since we are better. A complete rejection of God.

Well, without laboring much on the destructive path to this Hollywood ideology, the Corona-virus (COVID-19) has amply exposed the stupidity and deception of this line of thought.

Most nations including Americans did not see it coming. Even though they responded to it early by closing down their borders, it did not solve anything. Millions are still dying from the virus to date. Science and technology had no response to it and yet this is not the apocalyptic event by God. This was manmade in China. If they could not handle a manmade disaster to date, how could they handle a God divinely ordained destruction?

Another dumb Hollywood sale!

Then there is the other side to the “we-are smarter-than God” ideology which is, even if there is a God, we can withstand or survive whatever HE sends our way. This is the part where the underground bunkers withstands the deadly blow of the meteorite. At this point, I have a mixed opposite feeling of laughter and pain.

Laughter, because they do not know who Jehovah God is. They have no clue, they are arrogantly ignorant about the Maker of the heavens and the earth. I don’t know where to start from or where to end in describing the Majesty, unfathomable awesomeness, and bare terror of Jehovah God.
Is it in Genesis where HE made all these
Is it when HE destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah and no single soul escaped except Lot and his family?
Is it when HE saved only Noah, his family, and two animals each of the same kind(Male and Female), and destroyed the entire world.
Is it the Ten Plagues in Egypt which ended with the death of every firstborn of the Egyptians?
Is it the crumbling of the great wall of Jericho without a single touch?
Is it the parting of the Red Sea; so much so that the sea bed was as dry as the desert?
Is it the pillar of cloud by day that turns into a pillar of fire by night?
Is it the bush that burns without been consumed?
Is it being with Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego in the fire and not even the smell of fire was on them?
Is it Jesus healing the maimed(not the lame); meaning creating new parts.
Is it Jesus healing the man born blind; meaning creating a new pair of eyes.
Is it Jesus walking on water?
Is it Jesus walking through walls?
Is it Jesus raising the dead?
Is it Jesus rising from the dead himself?
Is it Jesus turning five loaves and two fishes into thousands of loaves and fishes and still having several baskets full?
Where and when do I stop in describing how great is our God? The answer is NEVER.

Now is It this same Jehovah God that humanity(HIS creation) will withstand HIS wrath with an underground bunker? You see why I feel like laughing,!

I also feel pain because many people believe in this insane Hollywood ideology of being able to withstand Jehovah God’s wrath on the day it comes. Satan’s false confidence in one’s self and pride.

For the entertainment value; a good movie. As I said, Gerald Butler is a favorite. As well as Morena Baccarin.

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