The Saint or The Sinner(1)?

Ephesians 6:12 is very true. Beneath every human struggle, failure, tragedy, and defeat are spiritual forces beyond human comprehension or physical confrontation at play. Same with when God intervenes and helps to determine the outcome of a matter that would have ended badly. That is why Romans 8:6-7 is apt; to be carnally minded will lead to your utter destruction.

To live only from the terrestrial angle is like groping in the dark but to be spiritually minded is life and peace because nothing takes you by surprise and you know exactly what is wrong and how to precisely deal with it.
All of the above is true. Remember Proverbs 30:5…every word of God is flawless…but this is a part of God’s word and not the whole of it.

There is the wisdom part. The part where you reason out things with the help of God’s word. Just thinking and rational thoughts based on your knowledge of God and His righteous demands. God calls us to reason with him sometimes…Isaiah 1:18.

Why this preamble? The American elections have largely been concluded and many have voted the way they have. This write-up is NOT about who won and who lost or the Political Parties themselves. No.

It is about “How You Voted”.
What issues and arguments determined your vote?
What made up your mind towards the candidate you voted for?
What did you consider a top-most priority to you?
What discussion did you hold very sacred and dear?
What is your attitude towards those you hold contrary views to yours?
Was your vote based on sentiment or truth by God’s word?
Was the love of Jesus integral to your choice
Where God’s commands for holiness considered?
Was the expansion of God’s Kingdom factored into your choice?
Was the glorification of Christ Jesus your goal for voting?
Was the second coming of our/your Lord Jesus a consideration?

Stay with me for Part 2 of The Saint or The Sinner soon

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