Yes, Black Lives Matter 3

What I found odd was that fellow African-Americans were being targeted, molested, harassed and sometimes killed by this same BLM Movement that is meant to be FOR the “Black Man”. Also churches were being burnt(not mosques) and as we all know that the history of the African-American cannot be complete without the church and God because those were their only source of courage and hope back then. So, why attack it now?

Also in terms of exceptional academic performance, few African-Americans have recorded outstanding results and great achievements despite the claim of systemic racism by the majority. Yes, the level of literacy amongst the Caucasians is by far higher than amongst the African-Americans, yet the number of schools in the Black communities are more in number than in the White communities. Why? Can you truly argue that this the fault of the system of governance? Or the fault of this President (Trump).? Never forget, most of this Black communities have African-American Mayors, African-American Council Members, etc. Its reminds me of Nigeria, there are schools in the West and schools in the East, but the level of illiteracy is higher in the East than the West…Whose Fault?

You can count and mention the number of White Supremacy Cults there are and see how they protect their “delusional” Caucasians supremacy ideal but the list of Black Cult Gangs are endless and they murder fellow Blacks most especially kids and mothers. Their agenda is unknown or rather meaningless. Its almost like Islam. Its murders its own faithful too. Could that be why mosques were not burnt? esprit de corps.

Join me in Yes, Black Lives Matter 4 for my conclusion.

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