Yes, Black Lives Matter 2

Like i earlier mentioned, I did my research and these are what I found;

1. The Black Lives Matter Movement was founded and created during President Obama’s Administration and not President Trump. That means (If the allegations are true), that the Caucasian Policemen have been killing African-Americans even under a African-American President. It was founded on the 13th of July, 2013.

2. One of the most successful, famous and wealthy people in American “Sports, Entertainment, Business/Enterprenuership, Politics etc” are African-Americans. The list is endless. Michael Jordan, Tiger Woods, LeBron James, Floyd Mayweather, etc(In Sports)…Oprah Winfrey, Jay-Z, Sean Combs, Sheila Johnson, Tyler Perry, Bill Cosby, Berry Gordy, Beyonce Knowles, Will Smith, Lionel Richie, Michael Jackson, etc (In Entertainment)…David L. Steward(World Wide Technology), Morgan DeBaun(Blavity), Gardner Rich(Gardner Rich & Co.), Day one John(FUBU), Darell Coleman(DC Designs), etc… Douglas Wilder(Governor of Virginia, 1990-1994), Joseph Rainey(1st African-American in the House of Representatives, 1870), Shirley Chisholm(1st African-American Woman in the House of Representatives, 1969), Tim scott(Senator-Incumbent), Cory Booker(Senator-Incumbent), Kamala Harris(Senator-Incumbent), Mo Cowan(Senator, 2013-2015), Barack Obama(Senate, 2005-2009), just to mention a few.

3. Their former President (Obama) was a African-American.(Obviously)

4. Most profoundly (98%) of African-Americans killed by police are already “Convicted Criminals” with long records of criminal behavior or were resisting peaceful and legal arrest before the confrontation that led to their death. Let me mention 3 of them;

A. George Floyd….Convicted for 8 crimes between 1997 and 2005…served 4 years in prison for Aggravated robbery 2007 and the arrest that ended his life was the use of counterfeit money. He resisted arrest and was forced down(though in a wrong way)

B. Rayshard Brooks resisted arrest, struggled and beat down two Policemen, took the police teaser gun and as he ran, he pointed it at the officers in pursuit.

C. Jacob Blake also resisted arrest and refused to surrender after molesting and harassing a woman.

5. The High crime rate in United States of America are mostly in African-American communities and neighborhoods. Drive-by shooting of children on the sidewalk, gang-related killings, drugs wars and addictions, etc.

6. Highest abortion rates are in the African-American communities and neighborhoods(that is where most of the Planned Parenthood are located). An indication of failed/non-existent parenting, great depth of immorality, lack of self-worth, lack of value for human life and a general/widespread illiteracy especially amongst African-American women.

7. Highest “Murder” rate in America is “Black On Black killings” or “Black killing White shootings”

Join me in Yes, Black Lives Matter 3 coming up soon

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