Elimination Method 3

  • Then there is the Islam Solution. Calling itself a religion of peace, this solution says accepting Islam and worshiping Allah via the prophet Muhammad is key to achieving peace and harmony. A panacea for well living and goals actualization. Apart from its theological paradox, the problem with this solution is HOW Islam itself goes about providing its own kind of solution. To best understand how, let us go through the following list:
  1. Islamic State of Iraq and Syria(ISIS)
    1. Boko Haram
    1. The Taliban
    1. Al-Qaeda
    1. Al-Shabaab
    1. Indonesian Mujahedeen Council
    1. Sipah
    1. Sahaba
    1. Levant(Da’esh)

Just to mention a few. As you already know by the above unexhausted list of Islamic Terrorist Organizations in the world, the HOW is obvious. The Islam Solution is so insanely twisted; not only does it kill people who do not believe in Allah and Prophet Muhammad, they also murder fellow Muslims for reasons I am yet to appreciate.

I could talk about the many contradictions in the Islamic teachings itself but that is a topic for another day.

  • The Atheist Solution. This solution is riddled with so much ideological farce and consequent inconsistent, incoherent and completely absurd conjectures that has no basis on reality. The solution says there is/are no God or gods. Concisely, man is on his own and he determines what happens to him. There are no forces higher than he is or beyond him. They hold firm the belief in evolution. Charles Darwin. Now here is the joke, Darwin’s theory of evolution formulated in his booked titles “On the Origin of Species” in 1859 states that evolution is the process by which organism change over time because of changes in heritable physical or behavioral traits. Changes that allow an organism to better adapt to its environment will help it survive and have more offspring and yet both man and animals have stopped evolving. The concept says necessity and environmental changes forces man to change into something or someone suited for the new environment and not necessarily a higher being or power. It is a concept of only the strong survives as the weak are constantly eliminated thereby producing a better and stronger race of humans. The problem with the concept is that it targets to eliminate the weak and as we know even the strong gets weak at some time i.e. the young gets old and the healthy gets sick. In addition, it leaves man at the mercy of his environment. His environment determines his survival and not man himself. Therefore, for every time the environment changes, man has to change too. To be clear, there two kinds of environment been mentioned here; there is physical environment as per weather and topographical landscape and ideological environment as per believes and core principles of living. So the question; who controls these environments? Why is the ideological environment constantly changing? Is it not because of the same Human Race? So if the environment becomes violent, man must adapt to become violent too or is it man that becomes violent and affects his entire environment, which becomes violent too? What is an environment without humans? A house is not a home until people live in it. Did Darwin intend his principle to be extended to the ideological environment? I doubt because his principle failed within the purview of physical environment. Why has the environment stop changing physically? Humans have had the same anatomical make up hundreds of generations back until date. Apes are still Apes and Humans are still humans. Call me short-sighted but I know Darwin did not live up to 500years old to witness a specific evolutionary change.

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