Elimination Method 1

When confronted by a task that seems daunting; a task that many have proffered solutions have not worked nor are they working, you something apply the elimination method since there are solutions already.

Elimination method is simply examining the status quo and removing what hitherto was there before until you get to the point where either one of the already proffered solution works or not.

The world is going crazy right now; people are rioting, violence everywhere. The United States is trending right now in this area. There are natural disasters, crimes that are unthinkable and then the COVID plague. These are just the tip of the iceberg of the issues the world is facing now and people are in dire need of solutions.

Are there proffered solutions? Of course, Yes. Let us see a few;

  1. There is Meet-Violence-With-Violence Solution. This solution simply says, “My gun is bigger than yours”. Does it solve the problem? Of course NOT. This further breeds fear, uncertainty, destruction, death, etc. Ask veterans of World War II or any kind of war at all and you will understand.
  • There is the Dialogue Solution. This solution says we can talk our way through anything. Does it solve the problem? In some instances, Yes but in majority of the instances, NO especially when you are trying to reason or talk with crazy people, people whose ideology is founded upon a delusional grandeur of supreme power or simple paranoia of impending need to destroy an imaginary enemy. Take Adolf Hitler for instant; do you think dialogue would have worked with him?

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