“You sadly besotted souls, know and remember while you have a day before the golden thread of life is cut that, if you are found without Christ, faith, repentance, holiness but a moment after death, you are undone to eternity. After death, all means and hopes fail. There is no work nor device in the grace (Eccl. 9:10). God will then be irreconcilable; sin, unpardonable; heaven, not attainable; and your souls, lost irrevocably.”
                        ― John Fox, Time and the End of Time

Have you ever made a claim and someone exclaimed, “That’s a bold claim!” Or you watch a pre-boxing match interview and both Boxers keep asserting how they will knock the opponent out in the first round. Muhammad Ali, Mike Tyson, just to mention a few. Bold claims are “something so outlandish and exaggerated that even though it may be true, it is very unlikely”.
One common response to bold claims is unbelief and doubt because the prevailing circumstance which says otherwise. Why the unbelief? Why the doubt? Three reasons.
The Maker of the statement. When the Maker of the statement possesses certain traits (physical, intellectual, or otherwise) that is, best suited for his/her claims, then it is believable but when the opposite is the case, doubt and unbelief wins the day. A body builder’s claim that he/she can lift a certain weight is believable because he/she is a bodybuilder. When a very skinny and malnourished person makes that same assertion, it becomes unbelievable.
Precedence. Has the claim or event been done before or something similar to it been done before which can give the indication that the claim is possible? For instance, the largest commercial airplane is the Airbus A-380, which has a seating capacity of 544 to 853 people. So if Airbus claims that they can make a 2000 seating capacity plane, because it makes planes and also large commercial planes, it is believable that it can make such a claim but when Nigerian Airways makes such a claim, it will be unbelievable and ludicrous.
Biology. There are simply things that are not possible by human standards. They are beyond human limits, nature, physiology, and anatomy. To assert you can hold your breath underwater for 24hours is a bold statement because the human lungs cannot do that. Hence the unbelief and doubts.

Part 2 of Bold Claims will be posted soon. Stay tuned

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