Nightmare Poems 16; Getting It Right

Lonely black woman near window thinking about something

Ernest! Hmm…a twist and a tale
I was always envious of his house
Meticulously clean without a mouse
He cleans thrice a day
Keeping the flies and bugs at Bay
He painted twice a month
The cracks on mine are for months
He polishes the wood floor so often
The shine and sparkle makes my heart soften
Everyone thought he was the best,
Especially his neighbors and guest
But not so for Eledumare
A smirk and a look of pity
Every time he passed by
He said to Ernest “bye-bye”
Odd to say the least
He lived in the side estate to the east.
Never says good morning
Had a look of warning
Never says Hello
The demeanor of a foe
Never a pleasantry
His stare and attention is pedantry
This awkwardness I had to pry
I had to know; was he a spy
“Hey! Amie ou ennemie?
He answered “ancien des jours”
I asked “why the frown always”
An air of dispraise for my friend and his ways
His head dropped as he gave me the lease
This posture was jarring to say the least
Perusing through
Then I understood
“Does he know that his lease will soon elapse?”
“Does he know his time in that house is up?”
“Does he know that he will take nothing out of the house?”
“Is he prepared to leave the house?”
And the Ancien Des Jour replied “He knows”
So I thought “Is Ernest been devious?”
Or simply oblivious?
Here is short-lived
There, life is out-lived.
Mortality might be trending
But immortality is unending.
Choose wisely
Your eviction is very untimely

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