“That I May know Him” …Philippians 3:10 Part 2

We established in Part 1 that God owns the world and everything that happens happens by His consent including the Coronavirus. We looked at God punishing two sets of people; His own people and unbelievers with plagues or calamities under different circumstances. We looked at the first circumstance which is punishing His own people and the reasons.

Now the 2nd circumstance as mentioned in part 1 is “Upon the people who oppose Him when the people who oppose God want to/about to destroy and annihilate His own people when they have been obedient and reverent to Him.” The classic example here is Exodus Chapters 7, 8, 9, 10 & 11. These are the Ten Plagues God brought upon the Egyptian to free the Israelites.(popular story, we all know it)

The form of the plague or disaster is not much of the issue, it is the end result of the plague; which has been Death…Death to the human, death to his finances, death to his way of life, death to his desires and aspirations, etc.

So let’s go back to the first discuss which is “The earth is the Lord ’s, and everything in it, the world, and all who live in it;”. And then merge it with the latter issues discussed…the conclusion seems to be that;God who owns the world had knowledge of the Coronavirus and gave consent for the virus to be released.

So this leads to the questions;
1. Why the plague?
2. Who was it meant for?
a. The church/Believers? Or
b. Unbelievers?

The first question has been answered already; His judgement or punishment on humans.

The 2nd question is the Crux of this piece…Is it for His own people(The Believers/Church)?If it is,
1. Have Believers been sinful?
2. Disobedient and rebellious to God’s will and word in this day?
3. Have we tolerated and accepted sin and iniquities like bribery, lying, fraud, homosexualism, abortions, etc as a norm for us?
4. Has the body of Christ turn His church into a “den of thieves”(Matthew 21:13) where we peddle and sell immorality, permissiveness of corruption of the body and soul and then materialism.?
5. Are Believers walking/working in God’s Holiness and Righteousness and not just having a “form” of it(2nd Timothy 3:2-5)…
6. Have we gathered to ourselves preachers who tell us what we want to hear; what makes us feel good rather than God’s saving words (2nd Timothy 4:3-4)
7. Have we praised and exalted money and riches far and above spiritual pursuit of God’s command for our lives?
8. Has God’s love been replaced with greed and covetousness in the church?
9. Does your life and living preach and teach Jesus to the observer?
10. Have we watch idly while evil reign supreme and we claimed that it is non of our business?
11. Have we pointed fingers and blamed others for the evil around us while we claim we are the light of the world?

The list of sinful activities by Believers/Church are endless.

Is it for the Unbelievers?
If it is, then it must be because they are oppressing Believers in Christ/Church with Anti-Christ rules and regulations to weaken and derail the faith of Believers towards God.
But if this is the case like the Ten Plagues (Exodus), no Believer(Israelite) should die from the plague….but we know Believers have died from this plague.

So, which is it?

I leave the conclusion to YOU.

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