Another powerless Christian phrase

What does “living by Faith” mean to you? I have heard many say in my part of the world…“I am living by faith”…

Most of the time when you hear people use that phrase, it means they have tried every other means but was unsuccessful and so as a last and hopeless resort, they are trying out God for help.

Romans 1:17 and other scriptures too say… “For in the gospel the righteousness of God is revealed—a righteousness that is by faith from first to last, just as it is written: “The righteous will live by faith.” Some scriptures say “the just shall live by faith”..

What does it mean to live by faith? By Bible standards, Abraham would be our Chief example, followed by Daniel and Meshrach, Shadrach and Abednego and then Mary and some other unknown people who believed God without wavering…Hebrews 11.

I believe it is taking God’s word as the first and finally stand on every area of your life without resort to other options and plans.

So why was/is God preparing His people to “Truly” live by faith on a daily basis?

For the year 2020 Believer, the reason has started to emerge. The Coronavirus and the many more to come.

The truth is, God has actually been preparing Believers for this kind of situation because it will keep getting worse as the end draws near.

As the times become tougher and challenges beyond human and science comprehension emerge, the only way to live and survive will be by “Faith” and that is what is happening right now…I do not need to preach, the presently incurable Coronavirus is evidence of it.

People, Presidents and countries (who never believed God) are seeking and relying on His help because they know there is no cure and no vaccines (yet) and many are dying daily. They are forced to live by Faith(though unrepentantly)(praying to God) because they know there are no options or choices. As the times go by, challenges that will present only single options like death will become the norm and only those who have being living by Faith will be at peace in Christ Jesus and survive.

And this is just the beginning…there will be others that will be more shocking. I believe that “living by Faith” is God’s designed mechanism for the Believers of today to survive the Endtimes.

Imagine a problem nobody has answers to…the next common sense thing humans always do is to pray and for you to pray, whether you understand it or not, you are saying …“i believe somebody or something out there is stronger than my challenges and has the answer to the challenges” … This mindset is acknowledging the following;

1. God’s existence first.

2. And that He can hear and respond( He is not a worthless idol)second

Whether He will answer you in particular is another matter(of repentance in Christ Jesus) but at least you believe and that is a semblance of living by faith.

We “quote it” and “preach it” but now the times are demanding we “exercise it and show it” because this is going to be our “New Normal”

May the Lord Jesus grant us the grace and strength to live by faith from now on and teach our children to do same in Jesus name”

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