Nightmare Poems 15; Twisted.

I heard of a certain Father.
He was very “Abusive” towards his children.

The only time he related with these poor souls was to peel their skins with his cane and verbally demean them.

I heard of a certain Mother.
She was married to a certain Abusive husband.
She could only see the faults in her children.

She never acknowledged the efforts of her children and had “Favorites” to the pain of the others. She was nonchalant.

I heard of a certain abused children.

Whose Father is abusive.

Whose mother is nonchalant.

Never loved and so could not love nor care for any. Always searching but never finding…Empty lives.

I heard of a certain “dysfunctional” family.

Whose children are empty, unsympathetic, uncaring and rebellious because of their abusive Father and a nonchalant mother.

Distraught by this

I wondered what was amiss.

Absence of light and bliss

I heard the Comforter say “It’s a hurt”

Old, generational and deep

Do you know “This Family?”

“If you do, please tell me…I have a message for them”

El-Roi says “He knows”

Attiq Yomin says “He understands”

Ho Hagio says “come bathe in the blood and be like me”

Yeshua says “there is healing in my name”

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