Deep Thoughts 1; (Death)

The human mind is incredible. It’s ability to comprehend a thing in diverse ways is impressive especially when the only way is just “One”

Take for instance the concept of “Death”. To most Christian’s, it’s either a topic not to be discussed or they give it it’s spiritual and philosophical meaning or they just go on and on with the various dimensions of death.

But here is the question for us all… “Why did God create death as part of human existence” from the very beginning? It was not the disobedience of Adam and Eve that created death, it was already in existence..their disobedience “activated/awoken it to action”

So why it’s creation? Remember Genesis 3:8?. God coming down and walking on Earth in the “cool of the day” and searching for Adam and Eve. Remember?

Why was He looking for them?

The response of Adam and Eve did showed that was not His first time. They were not shocked at His coming/presence but concern about their nakedness(their new found awareness).

So why was He looking for them?

Simple; “Relationship” Now that relationship can only exist in a particular state and that is in the original God-like state(Spiritual Only)…. “No Flesh”…

Remember God is a Spirit and those who must worship must do so in Spirit and in truth.. “John 4:24”

The struggle of the true believer is to worship in spirit and truth inside a flesh…It’s a struggle.

So the first question; “Why did God create death as part of human existence?”

Simple; “to either restore or continue His originally intended relationship with man.”

Does it mean you should crave for death? NO…

Does it mean you cannot have a relationship with God now? Yes, you can now…

What it means is that you should be ready and joyous when death comes knocking because of what it means and it’s inevitability.

No wonder the Bible says in “1st Thessalonians 4:13” that we do not mourn like those without hope.

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