People say the bible is full of contradictions…Well, yes and no…it all depends of the lenses you are using to view this argument and God in general.

Using lenses as an example… when you go to see the Optician and he/she is examining your eyes. You put on a glassless frame (please pardon my choice of words) and then they ask you to identify letters from a distance while changing the lenses on both the right and left eye until you are able to see the letters clearly without stressing or straining your eyes. The Optician keeps changing the lenses because first and foremost you have a problem seeing clearly right?… Matthew 9:12… But when Jesus heard that, he said unto them, They that be whole need not a physician, but they that are sick.

Also the lenses are changed several times over because at some point either the letters are not readable, blurry, partially readable, etc. But there is something important for us to notice here; the letters in themselves are the same in clarity. It is the lenses that are affect how readable the letters are to you.

Am I saying understanding the scriptures is “easy peasy…?”. Not at all. There are still some parts of the scriptures that are difficult for some of us to understand…In John 6:35-59 the Lord Jesus said to the people that His flesh was bread and His blood wine and except they eat and drink, they will have no life(Eternal) and in verse 60 the disciples said… “On hearing it, many of His disciples said…This is a hard teaching. Who can accept it”.

So yes, there are some teaching that cannot be understood easily but the lenses (which are the way you view God himself) will enable you see God, His Word(Jesus) in a way that will enable you have a fruitful relationship with Him regardless of your understanding or agreement with what you have seen or read until such a time when He choses to explain it.

For true Believers, the lenses are called “God is good lenses” and you may add “… all the times”…You will find this lenses in Psalm 107:1Give thanks to the Lord, for He is good…” and also all over the Bible. This lenses enables you to view the most complicated stories or the most bizarre event in the Bible with your faith in God still intact and growing until such a time the Holy Spirit decides to make it clear.

For instance, the man called Uzzah in 2nd Samuel 6. Here the Ark of Covenant was being brought back into Israel and everyone was celebrating and dancing and because the Ark was on a Cart being dragged by an Oxen, when it got to a bumpy road (threshing floor of Nakon) it was about to fall off the Cart. Uzzah did what I would have done (what a lot of people would have done including you my reader) … he tried to make sure the Ark did not fall off the Cart by lending a hand to hold it back to Its spot on the Cart in order to save the ongoing celebrations but this angered God to the point that God struck the man dead. Why did God do that? The NIV used the word “irreverent act” to described how God saw what Uzzah did. The KJV described it as “error”.

I know that there are believers the Holy Spirit has explained this scripture to clearly and they understand it but I am not One of them yet. I really don’t understand God’s anger here, even David did not understand it himself (2nd Samuel 6:8) but I chose to use “God is good lenses” to view that event and I am sure those whom the Holy Spirit has explained the reason for God’s anger would agree with me that God is indeed good.

Why this article you may ask. It’s for Two reasons. The first being that there many Believers who read the scripture and come across an event, an instruction, a command or a saying by God that they don’t understand or agree with and don’t have anyone around them to properly explain it to them yet. Don’t struggle with its understanding and obedience for now. Use the “God is good lenses” to view those scriptures and when understanding comes eventually, you will see that God is indeed good.

We will examine the second reason and more in the 2nd PART of the article.

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