Nightmare Poems 12; The Lost.

Stop! Look
Stop! Think
Stop! Breathe
Stop! Watch
Stop! No

What does the map say?
It will surely show us the way
But we are in a bay
En route to a quay

Hold on!
This cannot be right!
The map says land
A gate
And a narrow path to stand

The crowd is much here
But the map says It’s queer
It talks about a few
A difficult terrain and view
So, where are we?

We are lost
Self-driven with lust
Tormented by the past
Temporary pleasure that won’t last
Chasing titles
Obeisance to idols
Murder for fame
A recipe for shame

But we must
Stride to find The Way no matter the cost
Time is running out
I hear the hangman’s steps walking about
Seeking Souls like mine

Yeshua! Lead me back to Matthew. 7. 14

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