Matthew 6: 33 but seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things Shall be added to you.

The life of the believer is a progressive One because of God’s resurrection power. The life we now have is that of God; our lives are hidden in Christ, in God. We have an abundant life just like God has intended.

Life ought to be better for us but it does not happen automatically, we must release our faith towards it. For our lives to be just as God intends, we must make conscious effort to seek God diligently. We must pit effort in seeking God; this does not mean that we are to replace the work Jesus has already done. We cannot do that, it means that we must play our part and be in harmony with God. What grace has made available to us, faith will have to reach out and take. Stop waiting for God to do for you what you ought to do for yourself.

Outside God, our ideas and thoughts about life are limited. Satan does everything possible to ensure that we stay outside God. Our minds must be renewed so that it does not negate God’s plan for us. Success is guaranteed only when we put God first.

In order to put God first, you must;
Make A Decision
A lot of people do not know how to make a decision and stick to it regardless of the distraction that come after. Our decision will be tried and tested. It is important that we learn to stay committed to the decisions that leads to our growth and success.

One of the greatest blessings we will give our children is the ability to make decisions. We will not be with them all the time but if we teach them how to make and keep quality decisions, they will do just fine.

The decisions you make on a daily basis either move you to blessings or curses. Choose blessing.

• Embrace God’s Word And Priorities

Make time to study the word of God and listen for what God says. Stop waiting to be spoon fed, know what God says for yourself.

• Be Strong And Courageous

The world we live in does not place value on putting God first but this does not negate the fact that God expects us to put Him first in everything. Do not be held back by the fear of what people think, it can hinder us from experiencing God’s best.

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