There is discouragement everywhere as a result of business failures, economic issues around the world as well as other unplanned events and situations that put people in a constant state of panic.

Being discouraged can cause you to become intolerant, intolerable and eventually a version of yourself people would rather not deal with. Nevertheless, Jesus urges you to be of good cheer despite the world being full of tribulation. No matter what you are going through, do not take shortcuts or become so desperate that you take whatever comes your way. In such actions, you will eventually end up regretting. Act, think and talk in a certain way that exudes encouragement. You must take courage.

Apostle Paul faced discouraging situations; he was oppressed and afflicted (2nd Corinthians 7:5-7). This tells us that nobody is immune from being attacked by discouragement. If you do not focus on building your faith, the enemy can take advantage of your situation to discourage you. You must acknowledge that God is your helper and reach out to Him.

Anytime God wants to do something in your life, He gives you a promise. Unlike the Old Testament when He took Israel to the ‘Promised Land’ in this new dispensation, God takes you through one promise after another and if you are not careful, discouragement can hinder you from having those promises come to fruition. It is important that you encourage yourself by inspiring courage, hope and spirit in your heart.

Many things May not answer to just “taps on the door”, they might need you pushing the door before they answer. The Bible is filled with different ways to be encouraged. Bear in mind that people can encourage you but if you do not encourage yourself, chances are you will remain discouraged as you might think others do not understand what you might be going through.

1. Pressure
2. Conflict
3. Indecision
4. Health Conditions
5. Losses e.g. of loved ones, jobs and other possessions
6. Mockery

God admonishes us to inspire courage, spirit and hope amidst all of these.
To encourage yourself, you must study the Word of God. If you are not armed with the Word, when the evil comes, what will your weapon of warfare be? You must exalt God’s Word above any situation.

When David and his army arrived from a conquest to find their territory in shambles, he encouraged himself in the Lord and inquired of the Lord as to what steps to take and God directed him. You must as God for His guidance to know what steps to take.

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