Nightmare Poems 10, The Silent Cry

Across the street is my neighbor
Who barely toils nor labor
The grass is greener
His lawn is cleaner

His house looks newer everyday
Which keeps me always dismay
A cherry cheerful smile always
His steps radiate glorious rays
He is fond of saying “All is well”
Which makes joy inside me swell

But not so here,
My house is worn out with wear and tear
The paints crack and fall out
Like am in a millennium drought
The grass is dead and brown
I believe it is the talk of the town

I have no lawn
The grasses are all gone
My countenance is a revelation
Of my long face frustration
A state of damnation

Hello neighbor! he says so often
Your flowers and plants look so awful
Your estate is unkempt
Your lawn, wall and furniture are no exempt

Come over here
Our house and hearts are your as you draw near
Feel free to stay
Like me, come rest, learn and pray
Our house is full of light
Father’s chores and routines are very light
Father is Lord of the manor and in us He delight
He is somethings call El, King and the Invincible Knight

His love is to everyone
Who desire our house and The Son

In me joy swells
I hear salvation ring it bells
Finally, to a place of joy and peace
Until I heard this dreadful piece

But you must change your garment though!
No one is a guest but brothers and sisters you know

Oh! Wretched soul am I
A term I cannot comply
My rags and I are one
The dark and stench are second to none
The squalor I desire to leave
The squalor is the only way I live
The new is good
And change I should
But the invisible chains since childhood
Has held be bound
To this horrid compound

No! thank you, I must decline
I am ok and doing fine
My clothes and circumstances are my identity
The father is too grandeur for a nonentity
He is too pure for lenity
My presence in your home will change its serenity
Conversation on the porch done
Inside my house, lonely and tears down my cheek run
If you can hear neighbor’s Father, help me or I am undone

Uzor Azubuike Frank

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