It’s quite easy for people to become discouraged in the world we live in today. It’s quite easy for proper to quit on things they used to hold onto tightly before, like marriage, relationship, life, tithing, praying and studying God’s word. The result is a lukewarm relationship with God.

As a Christian going through life on earth, you will face discouraging situations from time to time. Although this is not God’s original plan, we have all these issues to contend with because sin crept in. however, to strengthen your belief in God, you have to take a stand against discouragement. You must have courage just as Jesus did.

To encourage is to inspire with courage, spirit and hope. When you are hopeful for certain things and they don’t not come through or you make certain plans, decisions and attempts yet they fail, it is natural to get disappointed. Nevertheless, this is not the time to give up or give in; you must keep on trying, you must ask and keep on asking. When you ask God for things and it doesn’t seem like they are forthcoming, it is your capacity to encourage yourself by inspiring your inner man with courage, spirit and hope that helps you to keep asking and trying and seeking.

There are classic examples of people in the bible who when faced with discouragement, had to inspire themselves or their people with courage, spirit and hope as the case may be.
Hannah suffered humiliation as a result of her inability to conceive a child as opposed to her counterpart, Peninnah. (1st Samuel 1:2; 2:21). Elijah, a man who had conquered mightily at mount Carmel, fled upon receiving a letter from Jezebel. He was discouraged thinking that he was the only one still serving God against all odds (1st kings 19). Caleb had to encourage the people of Israel and assure them of God’s capacity to fight for them in times of battle. (Numbers 13)

Moreover, you must guard your heart otherwise the enemy will creep in and sow discouragement, which could dampen your faith. It is your responsibility to have courage in your heart. How you value the promises of God in his word concerning whatever situation you are going though, will determine how much that word will work for you. It is easier to stay discouraged than to inspire courage, as this requires inner strength, so choose the latter. People, books, teachings, words of wisdom, etc. can encourage you but it is the encouragement that you give yourself that will best see you through whatever circumstances you find yourself in like Job said in Job 19:25-26“For I know that my redeemer liveth, and that he shall stand at the latter day upon the earth…and though after my skin worms destroy this body, yet in my flesh shall I see God.”

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