Nightmare Poems 9; Beauty of Absurdities

Still searching Dear child?
For pieces yet unreconciled?

Yes, I am lost for words
To tell a tale of a Lord
Whose majesty; excellent
Whose dynasty; evident
Whose glory; magnificient
Whose wisdom; omniscient

Whose parents; without a crown
Whose father; without a royal gown
Whose mother; a lowly damsel
With celestial favor and wise counsel
Whose birth; not desirable
Whose presence; unnoticeable
Whose adolescence; with the poor and lowly
Whose neighborhood; artisans and commoners wholly

“Onye’wen’ayi…stop playing with your father’s chisel…when you are done helping your Dad, go to the market and buy some Garri, Okro and Ugwu for dinner…am serious and stop the giggle”

A contradiction absurd
This is unheard
How can this be my Lord?
No crown, no stallion, no purple silk, no sword?

Dear child, this is the true tale of Him called The Son
Unreconciled opposites still undone
Dear child, remember and be comforted thus,
Emmanuel’s journey; generational awe and discuss.

Didn’t you see the blind see with spit and mud?
Didn’t you see you cleansed by blood?
Didn’t you see lepers whole by a word?
Didn’t you see the deaf dance to the song from the Nightingale bird?

Was it not a touch that raised the dead?
Was it not thanks that greatly increased fish and bread?

How do I understand so great a mystery?
Of this blend of improbable, impossible and possible history.
Sir, comprehension leaves me in misery

Dear child, apprehension is by faith
Your senses supernal lathe
To see and hear with a heart
Seared with El’s Word for a start.

Sir, what is your name?
Your lord, above same,

Uzor Azubuike Frank.

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