Nightmare Poems 8; Dying of Thirst?

Where do I go when I am lost?
In a mist and a world of lust
Should I visit the bar?
All therein taste like tar

Hey! Miss! Directions please?

A thirsty pilgrim on his knees
Seeking a way from this drought
To quench and replenish
A dry and weary Soul soon to perish

Afar lies water still
All green, all algae, its pungent stench spill

Here! Surely this will do.

Why do I feel sick and blue?
Is it the flies, mosquitoes or deadness?
Is it the molds or rodents in excess?
Is this my saving grace?
Or is it my dying grave?

But I was told it is a flow
A fountain, a refreshing and salvation to the soul
I was told it is a River of life
I was told all who drink come a-life

I was told it comes from the Divine.
I was told it goes beyond the thirty and the bloodline.
I was told it never runs dry
I was told it’s for all those by faith, who draw nigh,
I was told a sip, a drink or a gulp
Brings darkness to a halt and emptiness to a stopped.

Oh! Dear child, you speak of the One called the Son,

Come! Follow the way of the cross but the road is narrow and full of thorns
There! You will find Him
There! You will find Emmanuel

Uzor Azubuike Frank

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