How Can A God Full Of Love, Condemn His Creation To Hell(A)

I was discussing with a colleague recently and we got into the erroneous argument of most unbelievers that… “How can a loving God prepare and send people to a place like hell”.

Between believers, God’s word that says “the soul that sinneth shall die” (Ezekiel 18:20) is established and the understanding of the word “die” in this context is banished to hell when he/she dies here on earth. To a Believer, we do not ask “why” the word of God is the way it is, rather we seek His Grace to live in obedience to it for 3 reasons:
1. We are literally in fear and awe of disobeying God because of its consequences…Proverbs 9:10 & Psalms 1:6

2. He loves us (John 3:16); He has demonstrated that love in the death of His Son and He says His thoughts towards us are of good and not of evil… Jeremiah 29:11.

3. The original, authentic, genuine blueprint for human existence and survival is actually in His word. So again, we have no alternative…Hebrew 1:3

But to explain it to a non believer like this, is hard and might prove impossible of acceptance and susceptible to corruption…2nd Peter 3:16

So I explained it from the angle of putting a seal (sealing), branding, engraving or labeling on a Container/Package/Packet of a Product or a Tool/ Equipment/Machinery for rendering Service.

In the old days, animals were sealed, branded or engraved for the purposes of Ownership and Identification. So in a local community where there are many chickens, goats and pigs, you are able to identify a neighbor’s chicken, goat or pig by the brand on them. The branding might be with letters as in names of the direct owner, or the family or community or it might be by numbers or design of an animal or flower.

Today is no different. Most products/goods have their packaging like cartoons, containers, bottles, etc branded, engraved, sealed or labeled to enable the Purchaser/Customer know that this product belongs to a particular Producer because of the many products out there. For instance, there are many “Cornflakes, Tuna Fish, Noodles, etc ” making-companies out there, which is why those companies brand the Containers of their Cornflakes with either their names or logo. The same for cars, toothbrushes, Motorcycles, Clothes, etc.

The same can be said for services also as most Service Providers also put their names or logo on the Tools, equipment or software they use to provide the service. For instance, the Smart Phones Companies who manufacture internet-compliant mobile phones engrave all over their Mobile Devices the Manufacturers name (Samsung, Iphone, Tecno, etc) while the Telecom industry that provide telephony GSM Services, internet surfing, Apps updating, Online Banking display the name of that Telecom Company on the screen of the phone once their Sim is inserted.

When you go to the Airport, you just want to be flown from one long distance to another and any good plane will do but yet, the Flight Service Provider still brand their means of transporting you (Airplanes) so you know who is providing this Air transportation services.
The whole idea of branding, engraving, sealing or labeling arises from the concept of “Mix-Multitude”.

Having too many of the “same” thing in one location. Differentiating them for the purpose of identification and ownership is the driving-force of branding. Without branding, there will be no basis for assessing standards which in turn fuels excellence and in cases of substandard quality, you will be able identify it and move on to another.

It also gives the Customer Choice; choice to choose which Service Provider or Product Maker based on assessed and valued quality.
The old days tattoos served the same purpose of branding. Here, you brand yourself (your skin) with different forms of symbols or names which identifies you with a certain cultural, social, political, religious or social ideology.

So enough of the business and economics talk and back to the topic at hand: “How can a God full of love, condemn His creation to Hell?”

Join me in the next episode…How Can A God Full Of Love, Condemn His Creation To Hell (B)

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