Nightmare Poems 6 (Aimless Chase)

Musing at the malady of life
The tale of unending strife
The venom of carnage abroad
Mars the soul with gnaw
Weary of ponder,
Bedeviling yonder
I, the dreamer drift once more
Into the uncharted sail
And saw wondrous tale

A Serpent so big,
So huge,
So angry,
So deadly,

It’s comely fearsome
Its pursuit fierce-some
In awe I was fixed
Movement nixed

It raged
As if long caged
A violent fight-to-the-death with another
With its teeth and chain-saw jaws, a gripe by the tail to smother
The tail of the other I see
But the whole is unknown to me

The swallow is gradual,
Its defeated foe lays still
Its stomach is filled unreined
With its rival remains

Yet the foe’ head
Is neither seen nor heard

Ooooh!!!!! My bewilderment
Uncontained by words
Unfathomable by thoughts
The mysterious serpent foe
Whose identity unknown

A revelation beyond sense
Unveiling suspense thence
The Predator and its prey
Is One and Same,
Is this a game?
Or is it insane?

The Serpent swallows its tail
Indeed a bizarre tale

The vehemence a waste
A fruitless venture in haste
A destruction of self
In pursuit of self

Without understanding
Of Omnipotent command
To chase alone The Son
Abundant life to be won
The reverse here we see
A Proverbs 14:12 scene.

…Uzor Azubuike Frank

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