Nightmare Poems 4; Dreamer’ s Fright


Twinkle little star
The firmament glows afar
A fore tale I hear
Celestial might to bear
On moors divers cares
A spectral clink
I, the dreamer stand on forever’s brink

Gaping motionless
Gazing with frightfulness
I saw the twinkle little star above
And the billow of darkness below
A contrast immiscible I thought
Oooohhh!!! My beautiful twinkle little star

The Pain and the scar
The tears that flow ending are
Why descend Dear One?
Into the abyss to be torn
A light so bright
But now so blight
The descend inevitable
Its staggered movement inexplicable
Yet with royal gait
A flare of majestic weight into the foulness submerged





The stench of sadness erupt
Infinity bliss disrupt

A groaning so loud
A rumbling in the billow cloud
A travail and a quake
A shout of joyous ecstasy
From the billow cloud lake
Like a drape on stage bows and paths
For scenes or acts
The darkness fades
For who you might ponder
Alas! The nature of this wonder
Ooohhh!!! My dearest star

Gallantly stands
With its royal bands
Every eye see
With sweet tears that cant cease
Every ear hears
With melody and frantic cheers
My love, my star has won
My soul’s joy is second to none.

…Uzor Azubuike Frank

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