Nightmare Poems 3 THE LOVER’S MURDER

Couching a love song
Amidst the soul’s dreary yearlong
Tedious to say the least
But the heart quest unrelent
Doors ajar
Minds afar

I, the dreamer set course
To a world unhoarsed
Entirely blissful
Eternally peaceful
A happy vision of three
A father, his servant and the father’s Son
Their house too I stumbled upon
Yet a fourth appears
The Occupier stands aloof
Facial construct uncertain
A collusion of expressed opposites
Sweet, bitter
Lover, hater

To whom those it concern?
The father is gone
As well as the son
A tete-a-tete ensues
Between the occupier and servant, a ruse
Without a hint, first strike to the cheek
Another below, the servant weak
The sudden outburst of rage unknown
Hatred for father and son shown
The pounding hard
Servant is marred
Death begat the servant

Occupier sinister fervent
And a contemptuous smile
Other servants from the father
Arriving with the words from Sire

A bloody fate waits
A death gruesomely familiar assure
And once more the smile ensure
Safety flees and panic sure
The Son approaches grandeur
My soul broken in expectation
Yet, his death supersedes my imagination
Torrent of tears drench my loneliness
My transfixed state, a savor of hopelessness
Pity, pain jolts my waking sense
Sunlight and day, a pleasant scent
Alas! Am awake
A Dreadful sight opaque.

Uzor Azubuike Frank

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