Nightmare Poems 2 (Fruitless Strife)

Epiphany you might say
A random dream a day
A sight so true
But yet unusually crude

Bucket on the head
The weight painfully unheard
Full as a nine months travail
Yet great strength and courage avail
Off to Well
Hmmm! this seems unwell
The converse is the tell
The staggered stride, a pity beheld

Like the 9/11 gale,
An act that ridicle’s Biafran tail
Its content poured into the bottomless

My shock is boundless
And yet greater in amazement
Is the repetitive movement
Of this same horrific scene
Such no man have seen.

What fruitless venture
What meaningless adventure
Yet it’s pointless repetition
Leaves me in attrition
Alas! Am awake
This tedious human ache
Pursuit of gain
Its oblation on pleasure bane
Whilst rot embrace the soul
A pending damnation troll

Uzor Azubuike Frank

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