My Reality 5K(Finale): Trust and Faith

The show ended with the usual theme song playing at the background and names of production crew scrolling through the screen and I chit chat and laughed with colleagues on the success of the show.

I returned back to my officer to find Temi patiently waiting for me. She smiled as I got in and expressed her profound surprise at my depth of perception over the issue. I knew I had not discussed this view with any one before but I was convinced that I was right. We gisted while I packed my things to head home but I couldn’t stop noticing that Temi was not her usual jovial self. There was something reserved, distant and almost cold about her that night as she drove me home. There were points in our conversation in the car when I had to repeat myself and I knew it wasn’t because she was concentrating on her driving like she intermittently said.
She pulled up in front of my house and said “goodnight” almost immediately but I refused to come down from the car. I invited her in as usually and she declined but I was not going to give up on my best friend … “Temi, what’s wrong? You been distant all night and you refused to come into the house…C’mon, you are my sister and my best friend…tell me what it is?” I noticed that she was struggling with some thoughts as her face wrinkled and her eyes became watery. She was trying hard to hold back her tears and I was scare because I had never seen Temi like this before… “Please tell me what is wrong because I am not coming down from this car until you are ready to talk” …. Then Temi said “We are condemned”…I was confused at the statement and so I asked… “What do you mean? You are a child of God, why would you say such a terrible thing?”…she continues in tears… “I listened to the show and celibates are ok with God like Apostle Paul; people who damaged their Woman have mercy for them”… now I was really confused and had to cut her short to ask… “Temi, go straight to the point please, you are killing here’….she said…. “So what about homosexuals?”…I asked back … “so what is it about homosexuals?”….Oh!, I remembered she had mentioned one of her cousins whose Dad disowned him because he was gay and she has been trying to lead him back to the Cross with little or no success…and so I said “Don’t get me wrong Temi, God loves homosexuals but He will not lower His standards nor break His word. God says the act of homosexualism is a sin and there is nothing we can do about it; it will be judge and condemned….Who judged Jesus and found Him guilty? God. Why? Because our Sins were placed on Him who knew no Sin at all...she said “you don’t understand” and then she asked “from your message, they don’t get to have children and you did’t mention mercy, so they are condemned like I said”…
I pondered in silence a while, trying to connect the dots of what Temi has been saying because her distress was quite personal and why …. “Oh!, my God!.. Oh!, my God!.. Oh!, my God!..Oh! God!… You are a lesbian?... I was still trying to organize my thoughts because I suddenly was blank, did not know what to think or say…only the picture of her husband and kids flashed through my head and then her phone ran and she told her caller… “Yes, I think she knows now…” then the line went off and almost immediately my phone rang and it was Adaora. I picked and Ada said … “she has told you?” I guessed it was the same issue and so I replied… “No, but it just dawning on me and I am loss for words… ” Ada replied… “Yes and please I don’t want you to feel betrayed”. I retorted angrily …“betrayed? About what? That you knew about this and you did not tell me and we are supposed to be best friends?. Ada muttered “Oh, my God this is going to be harder than i thought.…I wondered what could be more harder than what Temi has already said. So many emotions were torrenting through me and the most visible was anger but I couldn’t explain why?…Then Ada said… “We have been lovers for a long while; I mean Temi and I”…the phone dropped from my hands. I knew Ada was still talking but her voice was fading, I felt light-headed and the whole environment started spinning around, all the lights when off and I heard in a very far distance Temi’s voice screaming for help.

My Reality will be back with another reality when Gwamezioku awakes.

Thanks for reading.

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