My Reality 5J: Trust and Faith

What got Peter on the water was small size…mustard seed size faiths but remember I said your faith must grow….what should have kept peter on that water is trust because faith grows in a trust environment.
This is how many people lose faith in God because they are not taught to trust God for simply who He is. Trust looks at who God is and not word He has said; trust relies on His character and credibility through His word. That is why you see Apostle Paul saying in Philippians 3: 10… “That I may know him, and the power of his resurrection, and the fellowship of his sufferings, being made conformable unto his death;”

So put this whole barrenness, God, faith and trust thing into perspective for our viewers.

Many believers are confused; What kind of faith should I have?; Is my faith enough?; What should I do to increase my faith? Is God upset with me because I don’t have enough faith?; Is God ignoring me because my faith is low?; What is low faith?; What is High Faith?
I want us to understand that God loves you and made you fruitful all-round and childbearing is your right in Christ Jesus. As a believer when you encounter a challenge in childbearing, you obey God’s word in Matthew 7:7 and ask God for a child. This process means you have faith…Your next step is to start trusting God for your child without being time consciousness (which I must say is a very hard thing to do, hence we don’t preach it often enough) because He has a purpose and a timing for your babies. Nothing is wrong with your faith, its God working it all out for your good even though you are not seeing it now or it is not working the way you want it or the way it is happening for other. Unlike Peter, keep your focus on Jesus, the Author and Finisher of your faith. Keep living and working/walking in His righteousness and Holiness.

Ladies and Gentlemen, though the difference between faith and trust might not be obvious to some of us but yes, for believers, coming to the Cross, accepting the Lordship of Jesus and asking for His help according to His Will and Word is faith enough to move mountains. What you need afterward is trust in God’s integrity and power to accomplish anything He says and trust requires patience without worries. Thank you madam for enlightening us on faith and trust.

Thank you for inviting me

stay tuned same time next month when we bring you another life transforming issue on MY REALITY. Stay blessed.

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