My Reality 5I: Trust and Faith

Gwamezioku: So, to God, what “True” believers call barrenness is a delay for His Purpose and His Time but never a denial. Most of God’s promise never has a fixed time because the purpose of God is larger than life itself and the destinies He has set for each Human (Born and Unborn) fulfills that purpose…At this point, to the believer this is not about faith. The church is either spiritually ignorant or too scare to tell believers the truth that your faith in God is not the problem at this point…look at Matthew 17:20… Jesus says “for verily I say unto you, if ye have faith as a grain of mustard seed, ye shall say unto this mountain, remove hence to yonder place; and it shall remove; and nothing shall be impossible unto you.”… The faith you need to believe God is a “mustard seed” size(very very small size) faith…yes, it must grows but it starts with a small size faith and so you don’t have to have a mountain size of faith…No. What you need is trust in God that what He has said will come to pass. Trust tells you not to worry, God is in control. Trust concentrates on the God rather than seeing the problem because God is bigger than the problem. The church should be teaching on trust for believers and then faith for unbelievers because the believer is already in church seeking God’s intervention in the matter. That is faith already (whether small, medium or large) but now trust needs to be taught. Trust makes the believer realize that she or he is not the problem; their faith is not the problem and God is not the problem but there is a greater purpose and a divine timing to their having children. Trust makes faith uncomplicatedly easy. Many have become weary in faith; distraught and confused because all they hear in church is faith messages and not so much on trust. While faith implies and emphasizes on immediate results like miracles, signs and wonder, trust on the other hand talks about the fruit of the Holy Spirit especially long suffering (Patience) which is conspicuously missing in our fast pace world today.

this is interesting…a refreshing twist…So, you are saying that once a believer has faith in God to do what God has decreed him/her to do (child bearing), all he/she has to start doing next is trusting God no matter the circumstances…let me try this analog…is it like Peter walking on water…can we say having faith was when he asked Jesus… “Lord, if it be thou, bid me come unto thee on the water” and he stepped on the water and walked?


But Peter could not sustain the immediate faith miracle because what he needed to sustain it and continue was trust in Jesus because like you said trust looks at God(Jesus) and not the problem(s) and in this case the waves.

I am impressed Chima….are you sure you not a pastor or General Overseer?..hahahaaaaaaa

hahaaaaa……I try but madam Jesus told Peter after rescuing him from sinking that he had little faith and had doubts… explain

Follows me next time on this episode of My Reality; Trust and Faith.

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