My Reality 5C; Trust and Faith.

The red lights came up in the studio and the Producer waved at the directing crew signifying they were about to start.

I was ushered to the set stage. The set couch was soft and comfortable but I was still nervous. I had requested the script from Chima for the Show before today but was too busy and frightened to remember that I am the stations Script Writer and Editor and the story is about me…hahahaaa…very funny… Ironic you might say; I laugh when I see the screen fright in featured and invited guest on the show but here I am, working in the Television Station for years and yet still unsettled about been in front of the screen. My job is at the background and not in the forefront and I like it just like that.
I was relieved when Chima climb the set; he was going to do the interview; a friendly face. I whispered to him… “Hey, we didn’t go through any script”… and he replied “I know, the Executive Producer wants it to be from the heart, nothing rehearsed”.

I smiled.
Then the Director counted down… 3…2…1…Action!!


Welcome ladies and gentlemen to another edition of My Reality Encounters.Our topic today is Barrenness vs. Faith.

As always we bring to you, life transforming stories, challenges and triumphs by ordinary people who live and work where you do too. Challenges that seem insurmountable by many and yet this stories of victory reveals your innate quality to change your Reality.

There are many established medical ways of gaining victory over barrenness namely the IVF, SURROGACY; etc and social ways like ADOPTION but all these ways and means are expensive here in Nigeria. I have inquired and many other who have gone through these ways have admitted that the process is expensive and so the question; what about if you are poor? How do you fund these processes? That is where faith in God comes in (even though it should be the first and the last), So the question is; how do we gain victory over barrenness by faith.With me on the show today to discuss victory over barrenness by faith is one of our own.

A wife; a dear friend and someone who had to wait for several years to become a Mother when all hope seemed lost and the possibility becoming unattainable like many of you viewers too butnow a proud mother of Three beautiful children.

How did she do it?

Welcome with me, Madam Gwamezioku…Madam you are welcome.

Follows me next time on this episode of My Reality; Trust and Faith

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