Recently(some days ago) the President of the United States of America(USA) President Donald Trump recognised Jerusalem as the capital of isreal.

As expected all the Arab/Islam countries and nations have voiced their resentment and rejection of that decision and unanimously called for that decision to be rescinded by the US.

Of course I expect this reaction from the Islamic world but what I find quite disappointing is the reaction from the Christian world..No reaction.

Is it cowardice or fear expressed in diplomacy and caution? Rather the only two voices I have heard so far is that of the Coptic church in Eygpt which refused to meet with the Vice President of the US because they too like the Muslims believe the decision was wrong and that of the Catholic Pope whose words were neither here nor there over the direction issue of Jerusalem being the capital of the Jewish nation. 

So where does the Christian nations stand over this issue?

Are there Christian nations at all in this world?

Is this fear on the part of Christian organisations and nations to speak up?

Are the Christians so afraid for their lives that keeping mute is self preservation.
Or has politics and world peace become supreme to God’s word?

It is well.

I believe President Donald Trump is right and prophectic to have declare Jerusalem as the capital of the Jewish nation Isreal.

God bless him.

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