There are certain persons whose names are famously popular; these people do not require any introduction in identifying themselves. This is either because of their personality or the personality of another which they share in ways of birth, family, affiliation or association. 

So there is the “Name” and then there is the “Popular Personality”. When it comes to fame, no need for the popular cliché question of “which came first, the chicken or the egg?”  between the name and the personality, I believe that it is very obvious that the personality makes the name even though everyone and everything on earth has a name but not everyone is known and will ever be known. The popularity of your name is based on what you have done or what you are doing or the position you occupy or what someone close (family in particular) has done or is doing.

For instance, Tiger Woods (The Golfer) is popular not just because he is a successful golfer because there are many successful golfers but because he is the first “African-American” successful golfer. Muhammad Ali (Cassius Marcellus Clay Jr.) is popular because he was a successful and “flamboyant” Boxer of his time. Albert Einstein was popular because of his scientific postulation, theories and breakthroughs. Mother Teresa is popular because of her passion and depth of charitable works. These persons have influence over people because they are adored by many

Some because of the office they occupy like the Presidents of USA (Mr. Donald Trump), President of Russia (Vladimir Putin); Prime Minister of UK (Madam Theresa May), all these people are popular because of the office they occupy. These persons have POWER and AUTHORITY. These ones control, administer, direct and determine the pattern and pathways of millions of lives. They determine to a large extent the liberties, rights, freedoms and standards of living for lives. Like in the case of the President of Nigeria, he has the “Prerogative of Mercy”. This means he has the power to determine whether a man sentenced to death should be executed or forgiven. He can also pardon convicted criminals or reduce a jail sentence. In other words, the power of life and death are in the hands of this class of men. They can declare war and also declare peace. Their utterances and decision shape and greatly impact the destinies of many. They can make a man poor at an instant and make a man rich also at an instant. THEY OWN NOTHING YET CONTROL EVERYTHING. And there are others who are popular in their own ‘little” way because of their association with the abovementioned people like their Wives, Sons, Daughters, Friends and Work-Associates, etc.

 In the world of the wealthy, names like Bill Gates (Founder of Microsoft), Warren Buffet and Sir Richard Charles Nicholas Branson (Virgin Atlantic), Aliko Dangote are personalities whose names need no introduction. These are men who lend and give to nations. These are men whose wealth is the equivalent of the budget of some countries or states in a rich country. Their wealth has transformed them from being just a name into Icons and are admired, adored and even worship by some persons all over the world.

They need no visas to enter a country because countries consider it an honor when they choose to visit. They go anywhere at their choice, visit any place at their leisure, own anything they desire. The world is metaphorically at their feet. This is true because the Bible says in ECCLESIASTICS 10:19 “… BUT MONEY ANSWERETH ALL THINGS”. Indeed it does for them. These personalities can acquire and have acquired the best money can afford in terms of State-Of-The-Art Houses, Luxurious Cars, Ship, Yachts, Planes, etc are built for them at their specifications and taste.

The essence of this article is this: if any of these personalities invited you to their party and asked you for “a” gift, what will you do?


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