JOHN 14:12

I have often asked the significant meaning of this scripture. I ask because every time John 14:12 is quoted, there is only one aspect of the life and actions of Jesus that is always mentioned; that is the miracle doing aspects of His ministry

But the question is; Was Jesus talking about only doing greater miracles?

What led to that statement started from the questions from Thomas about the right way to the Father and Philip’s question about seeing the Father. 

The discussion was not about miracles, signs nor wonders but about the end and essence of our relationship with God; that is seeing God at the end of our life on earth and having faith in God(in Jesus) whilst we are here on earth which basically covers All Jesus came to do and say. 

So if Jesus loved, we should love greater than He did; if Jesus forgave we should forgive greater than He did; if Jesus believed God, we should believe God greater than He did; if Jesus gave We should give greater than He did.

Why did he say we will do greater? For two reasons;

1. Because He was going to release the Holy Spirit all on flesh after he had ascended into heaven. The Holy Spirit is the power of the Trinity.

2. Jesus ministry lasted for 3 years but our ministry will last until we die which is more than three year.

And so imagine the Holy Spirit of God in us like He was in Jesus, working to will and do the good pleasure of God in us like He did in Jesus for more than a 3-years duration.

So we ought to check our lives right now and ask the right quewtions; 

1. Are we loving more than Jesus?; 

2. Are we forgiving more than Jesus?; 

3. Are we preaching the gospel more than Jesus?; 

4. Are we giving our time, energy and resources more than Jesus?; 

5. Are we praying more than Jesus?

May God help us do more than Jesus in Jesus name. Amen!!!

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