The only question Maureen did not/has not asked me is one that has not entered her beautiful mind yet. I laughed with nostalgia when I remembered one of her numerous dialogue; Daddy, why don’t I have eyes at the back of my head?  I have come to device a more realistic way to answer the questions; you first start with a reciprocal “Why” which opens the door to other discovery questions that finally answers the question. I am always patience with my little angel. This kind of reminds me of the patience God has for us especially when we go on and on with our own ways and thoughts. 

I call her by the pet name my late mother, her grandmother used to call her “Obinaya”, (meaning “The heart of the Father”)…and she will always reply “yes Dad?” with a mischievous smile…and then l asked …”why do you want you to have eyes at the back of your head?”… she replied “the other day in class, I was talking with my friends; Clara and jimmy when Aunty Titi asked us to go out in front of the class and kneel down” I further asked “why did Aunty Titi ask you to kneel down in front of the class?” and she replied “she told us not to talk, to be silent” and then I said “so you were being disobedient?” and with a head bent down in a show of remorse which I know is not true she said “am sorry dad” and then I asked further “so why do you want to have eyes at the back of your head?” and then she finally replied “as we were talking we were looking out for Aunty Titi from the front door to the class, we didn’t see her come in from the back until she got to our desk” and then I said “Ooooh!!!, I see, so you want to have eyes at the back of your head so that you can disobey your Class Teacher without been caught?” hahahahaaa!!!. 

Her simplicity and pureness of heart brought tears to my eyes as I can still hear with my heart Uju’s infectious laughter and voice. A smile that blossoms joy and radiates light, it was always a beautiful day in the arms of my love, my life, my joy. I have heard Colossians 4: 6 preached a lot of time but when I married Uju, that scripture came alive. She knew the rights words to say at the right time even my mom called me to say once “Uju is the daughter I prayed to have”. 

She was against my going to work on Saturdays, she will remind me of my promise to her that once we get married, I will spend more time with her than at work. She had her way of tickling me into submission and as we tickled each other, rolling on the bed, laughing, I felt at home in her arms. 

The day Maureen was born was a day like no other, I literally felt my whole body quiver with excitement and joy just like the scripture phrases it “unspeakable joy/inexpressible joy” in 1st Peter 1:8. I was now a father; a proud father and when Uju told me at after the delivery “I love you”, my world became complete. I suddenly could see a future that many dream to have, a beautiful daughter and a wife who loves me. Months after the delivery saw me transforming from a nanny to a cook to a massage specialist; we had no househelp by design. I enjoyed every bit of it, running errands and when I am tired, I sit to watch mother and daughter bond as she breast feed Maureen. We all transformed; Maureen transformed from a baby with closed eyes, always sleeping and eating into restless bundle of blessing that is eager to talk and crawl everywhere and Uju transformed from my beautiful wife to my Soul-Mate. 


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