Next stop is the Consulate where Tonbra works. The highways were busy with heavy traffic partly because of the impatience nature of drivers and commuters alike and partly because of the ghastly accident between a Tanker and a salon car which left the car mangled up with splatters of blood in and around the scene of the accident. With that volume of blood on the floor, I doubt whether the person whom it belongs survived. I felt much pain not sympathy because of the kind of death; a violent one. Thank God for the Road Safety officers who were doing their best to control traffic. As the officer motioned us to pass and we drove close to the accidented vehicles, Tonbra thank God that the Tanker was empty or else it would have been a fire disaster for many but I wondered the reality of the drivers before they left home and their reality now, the reality of their wives, children, husbands, fathers, mothers, dependents and relatives? My morning self-psyched optimism was being dampened by the realities I see and so speeding off the accident scene seemed refreshing.

I find tiresome the security protocols of several check points, coming down from the car at each point to open your booth for checking, swiping of staff identification cards at every stop, the unnecessary traffic it causes just to enter the premises of the Consulate. I once sarcastically asked a security officer at a third check point who asked me to open my booth whether I should also open the burnet of the engine too and his expression was a serious blank look but when you finally get inside, you could swear that you were in another world or should I say ….another reality. A reality of orderliness, sense, good and purposeful leadership, serenity, etc which is a sharp contrast to the other side of the gate where policemen perpetrate all manner of evil called corruption with blatant disregard for public morality and the law.

So why can’t I drop her at the gate? With a frown on her face, she reminds me of the three reasons why I have to take her inside. The first I consider genuine; the distance between the gate and her office block within the premises is quite a distance.  Though I see staff trekking in but according to my lovely wife, “… I was not born to suffer”. The second I find ridiculously sentimental; all the ladies whose husbands drop them at work drive into the premise and when they come down, they try to show off their “happily ever after” marriage. As they come down from their husband’s cars, they suddenly want to hug the clueless guy knowing the other ladies are watching, call the poor guy names like “honey, sweetheart, my love,” etc which he cares nothing about to the hearing of the other ladies. I guess it is to incite jealousy in the other women like mine who now insist on being treated the same to the detriment of men like me but the question is, why? Why that entire charade? Why create that perception of reality? Is it real or a fool’s paradise? Well, I will never understand since like they say “it’s a Woman’s thing”. The third reason is the only one I consider reasonable; getting her a driver. You see, financially right now, I cannot afford a driver and so I am technically doing the job of a driver and that is okay by me if it saves me money… hahahaaa!!!!!


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