My name is Gwamezioku. As I lay down, struggling to sleep and hoping that the electricity to the neighbor will not go off as usual and my doors and windows are securely closed and fastened, I remembered the Psalm 4:8 and then I reminisced on my day and the word “reality” kept on ringing in my head as I wondered off into dream land. 
With Oche and Tonbra I do not require an Alarm Clock or a siren (to be extreme) to wake up, both can generate enough noise to wake up a town as he notoriously banged every door he goes in and out from, trying to make conversation with Tonbra in the loudest pitch of his voice, stumbling on all his toys he had scattered in every nook and cranny of the house before he went to bed whilst Tonbra shouts his name constantly to either get his attention to hurry up for school or in anger when she discovered something he had damaged a night before. I think he enjoys his mother’s shouts.

I dragged myself off the bed, headed straight for the house entrance, open the door and came outside to see that the clouds were not so bright. I started cleaning up the car as an alternative to sitting down on the bed, endlessly waiting for those two to be through with their usual morning musical duet in the only one place we all have to use in the morning; the bathroom. It really amuses me how they wake up joyful, happy and ready to sing, laugh and play every morning as they take their bath, dress up and cook. Is it because of my “reality”? What’s my reality? As I washed and cleaned up the car, my mind continued to ponder on the expression my boss used the previous day in a rather sad manner and then I remembered the Numbers 23:, 8, 19 and 20.

Dad, we are through! says Oche as he nakedly ran outside to tell me, shouting at the top of his lungs and his mother calling out to him to come back to get dressed for school. This is a routine drama and I, a very unwilling actor. I came back inside after cleaning the car, passing the corridor and looking up for no specific reason, I noticed the ceiling had lots of cobwebs and so invariable spiders too though I didn’t see any. I was startled because I have never seen them there before and so naturally I asked Tonbra “Babe, have you seen these cobwebs and they are everywhere…that means spiders are everywhere too”…Her reply startled me even further… “Haba, of course I know they are there honey, in fact I had told you about it but you obviously must have forgotten… we agreed that we will get cobweb brooms this weekend and get them down…remember?” Honestly I did not remember any of what she said of either being informed about the cobwebs or buying cobwebs brooms but I do remember us agreeing on buying a broom, but for what I never remembered. So now I know what it was for.  What startled me even more was that I strongly dislike spiders and averse the thought of being in the same place with them but yet, I have been sleeping, eating and living with several spiders for… PAUSE   “how long has it been here dear?’” I asked…. “Since early December last year” she replied.  “Whaaaaaat!!!!!?” how come I didn’t notice or know? I also remembered the Psalm 23:4

As I bathed, running water over my body, I remembered Mrs. Okocha smiling that morning as she approached Mr. Ehioze’s desk and later handed over a letter to my boss and then Mr. Ehioze whom we all admire for his toughness and aspire to his managerial decisiveness crumbled into a heap on the flood, sobbing uncontrollably with the look of despair and hopelessness in his tear-soaked eyes. He is an orator per excellence, when he spoke, the aura, sense and look of boldness and certainty engulfed the atmosphere and besides he is well paid. My boss could not stand the pathetic sight of Mr. Ehioze as he kept on wailing and the attendant distraction from work it was causing and so immediately stood him up and they both walked into his office to the disappointment of gossips and sympathizers alike. Shortly after then, he made the speech about reality that steered my soul continuously till the close of work…

The clouds were now getting darker, a sign of rain as I hurried into the car screaming at the top of my lungs… “I will leave you people and go!!!!” Key in the ignition and engine revved high to keep the engines warm before locomotion as the whole night was icy cold; it still took few minutes before Oche came running into the car with Tonbra tagging along with his food flask and school bag. By this time light showers had began. I steered the car out of the compound but frustratingly slowly on our pothole-filled street knowing three very important “facts” or like the word that has been on my mind since morning; “realities”; that we are late as usual, that if I drive fast, the road will dislocate my tyres from the shock absorbers and that I must first drop my son in school and my wife at her office before getting to mine. 

 I got to Oche’s school just as the morning assembly was about to start even though he cared less, as he was busy munching something and describing the super heroes he sees on TV to his Mom who always had time to listen to his gibbers. As I looked at him, walking away towards the assemble but constant looking back to wave to his Mom a Thousand time and fearing he does not stumble and fall (a characteristics of all his classmates as their parent dropped them off too), I couldn’t stop wondering how obliviously ignorant they are of life and yet can’t stop envying them because of the simplicity of their reality.


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