“Margaret sat at the restaurant table,  as she kept looking at her wristwatch.. She had been sitting there for six hours and her date had not showed up… she dialed his number again and it was unreachable… She had endured enough… She picked up her phone and angrily punched these words…. ” God, I have been waiting, Guess what!  I am tired… You told me to call and you will answer….But I have called tirelessly…., I can’t wait any more…. God, you told me I will have a baby six years ago,  but I am yet to see you work in my life” Margaret , 35

” A servant of God told me,  God said,  He had prepared a good man for me,  but it’s been Five years since that Word,  who was telling a lie?,  the prophet or God?” Tara,38

“My mother told me,  God told her,  I was going to be an international personality and here I am battling with VISA.. I have never travelled out of this nation…. Always  been denied at the Embassy”. Joe,35 years

A lot of times,  we question what we have heard from God because of what we are experiencing,  but I will like you to be like Moses on Mount Sinai… 

God called Moses  to meet HIM on Mount Sinai… And Moses Obeyed immediately,  but guess what,  God did not appear to Him for 6days He only saw the cloud of God’s Glory. God didn’t speak a word for six days…If it were  you and I… How would you have handled  it,  Imagine someone inviting you for a date… And you got there right on time,  only for the person to appear 7 hours later… Would you have waited… ?

That was what happened with Moses,  God showed up on the 7th Day… Why?… Probably, God was watching how committed Moses was to Him…. But the amazing thing… Is that after God spoke on the 7th Day,  He called to Moses from the clouds and Moses went up and stayed with God for 40 days and 40 nights with God speaking His mind to Moses…

Just a little more waiting… And God will show up to give you that Memorable and life changing testimony… Remember,  it was after the waiting.. Moses went in with the Lord and brought back,  the stone tablets… That contains the commandments… You can’t talk about the commandments without mentioning Moses… Your waiting will not be in vain,  something great is coming… 

Friend,  your “six days” of waiting will soon be over.. Don’t Get tired…Exd 24:12-18

Much love.


Opeyemi Akintunde 

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