No one told me that before I get to ELIM( abundance) ,  I will pass through MARAH( bitterness) just immediately after my freedom from EGYPT( bondage) and my great deliverance at the RED SEA. 
Am I writing in Greek?😀  and you don’t  seem to understand…Let  me break  it down… The Israelites after God delivered  them at the red sea and they were so excited… they journeyed on foot for another  three days without  water.. Definitely the water they carried from Egypt was exhausted, the testing of faith came… Where was God? was the question  on their lips… Suddenly,  they came across water,  and it seem like God had answered,  little did they know  the water in that place( Marah) was bitter…

Moses as an intercessor prayed earnestly and God told him to throw a wood into the water making it sweet.. But guess what Friend, this was just a temporary  relief,  because what God had ahead for them was bigger…. ( ELIM

As they moved on, they got to ELIM …”Then they came to Elim, where there were twelve wells of water and seventy palm trees; so they camped there by the waters” Exd 15:27.

Friend,  on your way to finding a good spouse,  you might  have some heartbreaks… 

On your way to having that glorious child,  like Samuel,  you might have some miscarriages… But your ELIM is coming… 

On your way to being prosperous,  you might have received  many blows from poverty,  failure… But be Sure you are experiencing ELIM soon.. 

Pastor,  on your way to having that great ministry,  that God  told  you He will give you,  be sure to know,  you might close down your church several times,  but if you keep at it,  you will experience ELIM… 

ELIM is a place of Abundance…. Exd 15:27

God bless you… 
Stay Blessed. 


Opeyemi Akintunde 

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