Because It can’t  stop HIM from making you become that great person… 

should  not stop you. Embrace your imperfections,   Embrace that part of you,  that you can do nothing to change.

Moses had issues with His speech,  and Yet God wanted to use Him to speak to the ruling power… But Moses kept hammering on his imperfection before God,  till He made God angry and “pushed God” into giving His speaking assignment to Aaron,  even after God tried to convince him that He was the creator of the mouth and He could handle Moses’ speech.. BUT Moses had become so attached to His imperfections.

What is your imperfection?, that has been limiting your progress,  what do you wave before God, as a reason for not launching out…,  is it your sickle cell status,  is it your educational background,  or is it because   you can’t speak good English,  or do you feel you don’t look good?

Your imperfections can not stop God from making you a national topic… If your imperfections can be worked on,  do your best…, but if it is the way you were created,  Get this… It can not stop God,  so don’t let it stop you…. Go and shine… regardless of your  imperfections…. 

Exd 4:10-15

DON’T LIMIT GOD WITH YOUR ATTACHMENT TO YOUR IMPERFECTIONS!!! God had shown Moses different miracles yet,  his attachment to His imperfections made him limit God in His life. 



Opeyemi Akintunde 

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