Nightmare Poems 1



Blissful Strides
Shoulders High
The Journey to Oblivion Seems
It Is I, the Dreamer.

A Trek Onward Shore
Boarding To Sea Sure
On The Port, the Water Roar
Heart Throbbing
Thoughts Transfixing
At The Sight of the Tide

The Mind Enfeeble
Tears Inevitable
Zeal Slain
“A Peanut for Your Thoughts”
The Elderly Inquire
“Your Melancholy Sire”
The Dreamer retort
“Mama Was Vague”
“Papa Words Opaque”
“The Vagary Unexpected”
“And Here I Am At the Precipe”
The elderly further wonder;

“True, a Tortured Soul I See”
“The Rift between the Told and Here Seen””
“What Might It Be Dear Child”
Mama Says “Pursue the Light”
“Take the Course Aright”
Papa Says “Progress Is Movement”
“Even the Trees Have Their Moments”

The Tide of the Sea Goes North
My Light and Course Does Not
Should I Go With The Tide?
Should I Stem The Tide?
The Former; the Pursuit of Shadows
The Latter; Death Beckons and Halloos

But Progess Is Movement and Yet How And Where I Do Not Know
My Dilemma You See,
The Elderly Beams with Smile,
One Hand on His Shoulders, Her Face to the Nile
And She Comforts Him with This Soothing Words
“we all are lost”

• Uzor Azubuike Frank(ScriptureAddicts)

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