From Biblical account of the Old Testament, Shiloh is a place in Canaan(The Promised Land) where the people of Israel (Jews)built a place where they gathered to worship and receive instructions from God. The first time the word “Shiloh” is mentioned is in Genesis 49:10 when Jacob gathered his children and was blessing some and cursing some and when he got to “Judah” he blessed him saying “the sceptre shall not depart from Judah, nor a lawgiver from between his feet, until Shiloh come; and unto him shall the gathering of the people be”(Genesis 49:10..Here, the coming of Shiloh was predicted because it was in Canaan(the Promised Land) and they had not yet been led to captivity in Egypt by then and by subsequent scriptures after they left Egypt, conquered Jericho and final entered into the Promised Land(Canaan), there in Shiloh(Canaan)  they set up the “Tabernacle of Congregation”…Joshua 18:1, Joshua 19:51.
From the above, Shiloh is a place where the Temple of God is and that temple is for worshipping God and receiving instructions from Him….Joshua 18:8, Joshua 18:10. That is where the house(Temple) of God is…Judges 18:31.
But in John 4:7, Jesus encounters the woman at the well but what is needful here is the question the woman asked in Verse 20 “Our fathers worshipped in this mountain; and ye say, that in Jerusalem is the place where men ought to worship” and the answer Jesus gave in verse 21 & 23″Jesus saith unto her, Woman,believe me, the hour cometh,when ye shall neither in this mountain nor yet at Jerusalem, worship the Father”…23) “But the hour cometh, and now is, when the true worshippers shall worship the Father in spirit and in truth: For the Father seeketh such to worship Him”
Today, our Shiloh is not the church but  “Your” dedicated place of meeting with God; to worship Him and receive instructions by His Holy Spirit for daily victory.
So the Questions are;
Where is your Shiloh?
Do you have a Shiloh?
 Do you still go to your Shiloh?
Are you facing challenges going to Shiloh?
To help answers these questions, lets study 1st Samuel Chapter One. Its the popular story of Elkanah(Priest), Hannah(Elkanah’s Barren Wife) and Penninah(Elkanah’s 2nd Wife who tormented Hannah for her barrenness). The summary of the story is the barrenness of Hannah and eventual birth of the Prophet Samuel but of interest is the following;
1. Penninah was the wife of a Priest(Pastor) and so part of the priesthood…a spiritual woman.
2. Penninah was the 2nd wife to Elkanah and so housemate to Hannah..They were both from one family.
3. Hannah was the wife of a Priest(Pastor) and so had a relationship(knew) with God
4. God knew about the Barren
5. The Barren was for a course.

Penninah was the wife of a Priest(Pastor) and so part of the priesthood…a spiritual woman.
The source of our torment, ridicule and constant reminder of our perceived pain might be from the body of Christ itself(church). Do not find it strange or become discouraged when the ones that hurt you the most are fellow believers. Some of the most hateful and dreadful attitudes towards fellow people are from church people who are “meant” to be spiritually sound enough to know God’s word, instructions and heart concerning such matters.
2. Penninah was the 2nd wife to Elkanah and so housemate to Hannah..They were both from one family….This is a reminder that your family members can also contribute to your problems because they seem to know best the very issue(s) that are besetting you. So do not count the “Hurtful” words of your parents or siblings as anything than a motivation to seek God’s face the more. Matthew 10:36 says “And a man’s foes shall be they of his own household”
Hannah was the wife of a Priest(Pastor) and so had a relationship(knew) with God…Do not be dismayed and offended in/with God that “YOU” who serve Him with all your heart is the one going through this problem.Do not say “why are christians suffering the most?”. Do not be shocked that “YOU” who goes to “SHILOH”(the place of worship, which could be anywhere you have dedicated to constantly seek His face) to constant pray over just “ONE MATTER”, is still living with unanswered prayers….Remember God is faith, your timing and His are not the same and He alone determines our destiny…Hannah wanted a child because every married woman will one a child and also because Penninah was constantly on her case but God wanted a replacement for Eli and a prophet for Israel.
GOD KNEW ABOUT THE BARREN…It is absurd to thing God does not know about your challenges and more absurd to think He doesn’t care.Those are the lies of the Devil sold to a troubled heart who is wandering astray from his maker. Jesus knows and He loves you so much to care more than you can imagine…Don’t be discouraged.
THE BARRENNESS WAS FOR A COURSE…Life is about Cause and Effect…What we call sometimes “Chain Reaction”. Everything that happens in our lives, happens for a reason. With God in the equation, the matter how “Gory” , painful, shameful, hurtful, etc the process is(Cause), the outcome will always be glorious and beautiful. Remember Jesus and the process of our Salvation; the journey to the Cross? Now, look at what the salvation of the Lord Jesus has brought for us all…Isn’t it beautiful? That problem will produce a beautiful and glorious end to the praise and glory of God “If you keep going to Shiloh undeterred and undiscouraged”

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