There are many shouts of “Happy Easter” today but as Christians, we need to know the importance of Easter and it is simply the “DIETY” of Jesus which is the most significant difference between Christianity and other world religions. Our Lord “LIVES ON” as Sovereign Lord, Creator and Judge of all Humans beings WHILE OTHER WORLD’S RELIGION LEADERS ARE ALL DEAD, BURIED AND DECAYED. Indeed Jesus is GOD THE SON. Today we remember that Jesus rose from the dead/grave and by the Book of Acts Chapter One, Jesus proved His resurrection by staying with His Disciples for about 40days and many who saw Him crucified, saw Him ALIVE.
Yes, it is a time for rejoicing in a Godly manner for those who are believers in Jesus but a time for repentance For those who have not accepted the Lordship of Jesus.
So before you go buying all your planned stuff for the Easter, pause and check whether you are “SAVED” BY THE BLOOD OF JESUS CHRIST. If not, repent.
Easter is not a “FESTIVITY” SEASON of drinking, eating and partying but a time for “SOBER REFLECTION” on where you stand; which side of the divide you belong, THE SIDE OF THE LIVING(JESUS) OR THE SIDE OF THE DEAD?

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