Life presents us with choices and alternatives,and we are left with varied and various means of getting a thing done or acquiring something,.
Some of those choices and alternatives are legitimate,legal and morally justifiable.As humans we go for the easiest option;and choose the alternative that is easier on us,after weighing all our options.But it is inhuman for one to be presented with all these choices,all these alternatives,and options and yet choose “Voluntarily” to bind himself /herself to only one choice and more interestingly the hardest of the options.
To me it reveals either of two things 1, That the person is INSANE
2, The person has a principle of life that he is “Evidently” and “Passionately” committed to the pursuit of that particular objective.
This is the difference between us and the believers of old (Meshrach,Shadrach and Abednego,Abraham,Moses,Paul ,King David and the greatest of all; the Lord Jesus Himself.All these people had options and alternatives but chose to bind themselves voluntarily to the will and word of God and because God knew this,He invested in them.Hence the display of so much power in their time which is unlike our own time.
My prayer is that our choice and options will forever remain “Singular” ; the will of God and His word alone on every matter.Have a wonderful day everyone.

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