Are We Sure What We Are Teaching The Youths?

A Thought: February 14th of 2016 was designated as an election day more than a month or two ago and so everyone knew there would be no movements and some were predicting that day to be a “sit-at-home”day to avoid the predicted mayhem.So naturally no church fixed a program for that day,in fact no One “CAN/COULD”fix a program for that day.The postponement was announced a day or two before the 14th but what I found most interesting is that the very instant the postponement was mentioned,almost all church on my side of town came out with one Valentine’s Day program or the other for the youths and was “apparently UNPLANNED”.So I wondered “Why?”Two reasons came to mind;(1)either it is the usual program holding events because others are holding theirs too OR (2) the church is trying to save the youths and its members from committing all manners or Sexual sins.Now if the former is the case,then i think it reveals how mindless and spiritually blind the churches who fall into this category are (…as many as are led by the “Spirit of God,are the sons of God)but if the latter is the case,then it reveals a fundamental fault in either the teachings of the church or our understanding of SALVATION.Let me explain;if we are taught thoroughly and consistently the imports of salvations AND the persons been taught understand it the way the Holy Spirit intends it to be understood,then the hush!! Hush!!! way in which we quickly organized this programs impromptu would not be necessary because it reveal a scare on the part of church that the members are not “worded enough or spiritually sound enough”to say NO without the need of a program aimed at distracting him/her by keeping him/her busy and stealing his /her attention for that day.To me,it reveals to me that the regular sunday and mid-week messages are not enough.No wonder those Valentine programs are never targeted at the youths outside the church because the programs are held in the church and not the club houses,eateries, and other places where youths hang out when committing or planning to,commit such,sexual sins…Its just a thought.

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