A Thought: Three Prison experience; the 1st is Acts 5:18-19; the 2nd is Acts 12:5-10 and the 3rd is Acts 16:24-26. In the 1st, an angel came and led “ONLY” the disciples out; in the 2nd the angel came and led “ONLY” Peter out but in the 3rd, there was no angel but “ALL”Prison doors were opened and “ALL” bands were loosed. Why the sudden change in the modus operandi in prison rescue by God? Why not only Paul and Silas? Why everyone else bearing in mind that the prison also had criminals too. Why did God free the criminals too? In the 3rd experience, its interesting to note that “NO ONE”escaped /ran away because when the guard realized that all the prison doors were opened and all the bands were loosed, he wanted to kill himself thinking they have all fled but Paul asked him not to because all of them were intact,infact he lit a candle and came in to do a head count and found out they were all there. Why? especially the criminals amongst them. Why didn’t the criminals escape? MY HUMBLE UNDERSTANDING:::,Because of Esther(one person),the nation of Israel was saved,because of Abraham(one person) Lot and his family were saved and ultimately because of Our Lord jesus(one person),the entire world is saved..(LESSON)–Because of a Loccafitte,Nigeria can be saved, our homes can be saved,our businesses can be saved by GOD. Also as Christians be mindful of whom you are around and who are around you.All associations either by default or design,knowingly or unknowingly can make or mar your destiny. Why the change in prison rescue?Paul is the messenger to the gentiles and Paul was the one in the Prison. I believe that the freeing of everyone and not only Paul was a significant implication and signal to the gentiles that great grace has been released capable of forgiving there sins even when they have been legally found guilty and condemned by the world hence when their doors were opened and bands loosed,they were not led out like by an angel like the 1st and 2nd prison experience. They were given the opportunity to accept the liberty in Christ by themselves.Physically,the criminals were awe striken because they knew the earthquake wasn’t normal. Rather than crack and crumble the walls of the prison,the earthquake loose chains and open doors which is highly abnormal. If it was you,will you run?????IN CONCLUSION, God’s approach towards us is that of great grace and the depth of His mercy is unfathomable…stay blessed everyone and goodnight.

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