What is the Will of God? Is it capable of understanding or comprehension? If it can be understood, then how can it be understood? Do you require a certain depth of knowledge to know His Will? Is academic qualification required? Is there a sect of person or group of person who ALONE can knowledge or is it for everyone? Does God have a Will for everyone? Does His will matter? Can we live without His Will?
All these and many more are issues that have constantly plagued Man after his fall at the Garden of Eden because of the disconnection from God he experienced as a result of disobedience and sin.
The word “Will” has different meanings and connotations. It can be indicative one’s opinion regarding possibilities or expectations and/or to Decree or ordain but in this particular regard it covers both. In simple terms, it means God’s expectation concerning our belief which is the driving force of our convictions and actions regarding certain or all issues of life which must be in accordance with what HE has said and wants. For instance life on a daily basis presents us with scenes and opportunity that requires us to make/take certain decisions and like-actions or speak in a particular way. These decisions, “re”-actions and utterances are a product of our fundamental beliefs and understanding of the world we live in and an expectation of a desired out.
The Will of God is divided into two concerning every human/believer. His Will General Will and His Specific Will…. I will discuss the General Will in my next Blog….stay connected.

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